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We Teach Contemporary Music to Adults, Youth and Children

Inspired By Passion
Discover your music within through real life experiences in a Supportive and Interactive Community.

We Teach Contemporary Music to Adults, Youth and Children including Pop, Rock, Jazz and more.

First Steps in Music

For students ages 4 to 9, this is a fun way to get started in music.  Following a structured, progressive program in a weekly private lesson, this well-rounded approach teaches piano as well as rhythm, theory and notation.  We make the lessons fun, so students achieve success quickly, learning to play piano with chords in their left and melodies in their right as they sing along.  

With every success, students’ love of music grows, propelling them to learn more.  And with regular group performance classes, students naturally learn to perform and play, overcoming anxiety and gaining confidence as they grow with the support of their teachers and friends.

Take The Stage

For students ages 10 to 110, this is an exciting way to discover your talent and unique artistry, but also an opportunity to experience working with professional musicians and recording engineers, in rehearsal, in studio and on stage. Learn to speak to an audience, and perform solo accompanied by a professional band.  These performances and recording sessions are invaluable opportunities to gauge your progress and rise up beyond expectations!

This is perfect for those wanting to develop their leadership and team-building skills, grow their confidence and public presentations skills, and build their solo musician skills in a motivating and engaging community atmosphere.

Small Ensemble

For youth and adults, the Small Ensemble trains singers to balance and blend their voices over microphones, skills that go beyond that of a soloist making for a well-rounded singer.  During weekly rehearsals, students create harmonies for the songs they pick, learn techniques for ensemble singing and rehearse in preparation for the end-of-term concerts, the recording studio and Annual Vocal Showcase.

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